• Create Create Create...then Bake

    Top-notch baking requires working with the best tools. We know how to use them all: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, micro-sites, blogs, apps, etc. Online, mobile or cross-media: been there, done that.

    • SoMo Bridge Technology

      Over 2/3 of all Facebook users access their accounts through mobile devices yet iPhones, iPads and Android devices don't allow access to custom tabs for sweepstakes, contests, games or any other promotions. We can change that!

      • Social Media - Our Baking Drawer

        Much like we can’t bake without our special tools, companies can't engage with customers online without social media. Consumers like to interact with their favorite brands and stay informed.

        • Facebook - One Giant Mixing Bowl

          How do you reach your target groups? What's the best content to use? How do you create delicacies that thrill the masses? We can teach you how to avoid ruining your audience’s appetite and burning your brand in the oven.

          • YouTube - Your Social Serving Tray

            If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000 pictures. No other media channel allows for such an emotional approach. Videos are addictive, memorable and can quickly become a social web sensation.

            • Twitter - The Microwave

              The fastest news source of the world, which uses its own lingo. Many of these users are well-connected influencers. Knowing when to talk to whom and how = the most potent baking yeast possible.

              • GOOGLE PLUS - It Can Be Worth Your Yime

                Google’s commitment to the success of Google+ makes it a contender that can not be ignored – despite it’s smaller total reach. Can your efforts on Google+, given its limitations, support your marketing goals? Conceptbakery can help!

                • PINTEREST - EYE CANDY RULES

                  An image is worth 1000 words, let Pinterest be the proof! The image based outlet quickly turned into one of the biggest sources of traffic for many successful marketers. Learn how to maximize the results!

                  • Apps & Co - Tasty bites 2 go

                    Apps can be tailored to the flavor of a select target audience or can be built to have widespread appeal. The look and feel, as well as the functionality of an app, will always be unique and chosen by you. They are special tasty bites for our clients… and us.

                    Our little helpers

                    Within our bakery and beyond

                    Top-notch baking requires working with the best tools. Even the best ingredients can be a waste if the right tools are missing. Only countless experiments and training will teach a baker to not only use, but master, the tools at their fingertips. We understand the process of creating, reworking, and mastering a recipe and only use top-of-the-line tools on the market at conceptbakery.


                    Conceptbakery considers the unique taste buds of each client and their target community. Developing and discovering newly available tools early ensures conceptbakery produces delicious baked goods that turn heads whenever they’re shared. Many times, we’re able to answer questions that haven't yet been asked and provide solutions to problems that you aren't yet  aware of.


                    As a cross-Atlantic marketing agency, we constantly implement the latest trends and techniques for a global audience. The world of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, etc. is changing daily and we make sure our clients are able to use all of these to their fullest potential. Proper planning, organization and execution of our projects are all key to the overall conceptbakery recipe. Ultimately, we provide our clients with a custom recipe developed exclusively for them.

                    • Royal Caribbean International: Tourism goes social web, from web 2.0 to lead campaign...

                    • Rebusfarm: B2B, creating a global community an Facebook with over 75.000 Fans within month...

                    • Denon: International social web strategy, developing Word-Of-Mouth specials that work in multiple countries...

                    • Royal Caribbean International: Tourism goes social web, from web 2.0 to lead campaign...

                    • Redken: Multi-stage social web strategy, from B2B to B2C. Main objective: increasing Redken store visits... 

                    • Celebrity Cruises: Going full steam on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter...