• Strategy - Analysis, Objectives, ROI & Co.

    What’s your story? Do you want to bake bread, cookies or a cake? And for whom? We ask the right questions… then answer them by turning a brand, company or campaign into a popular conversation topic.

    • Analysis, Monitoring and Controlling

      Time for some Q&A: How is a brand, product or service being perceived? What are the benefits and weaknesses? How about the competition? Are there any relevant trends to factor in? What does the overall market situation look like?

      • Goals & ROI on the Social Web

        We prefer to clearly define our quantitative and qualitative goals prior to deciding which goodies will be served: when, where, by whom and for whom. This is essential for planning and executing a social media marketing program and measure its success.

        • Positioning - Social Media Storytelling

          Why should anyone try your tasty goods? Why should a user be interested in your brand? How do you get your point across within seconds? 1.0 seconds is often all you get on the web 2.0 to trigger someone’s tastebuds.


          Asking the right questions…and answering them

          We start by deciding what we’re doing and who we’re serving. Are we baking bread, rolls, pies or cookies? For whom? Who is doing what? Where and when are the goods going to be served? 


          Then, we explore what ingredients we might need. What’s on hand? Do we have to go shopping? 


          People shouldn’t just eat and leave, they should want to talk about what their experience was like. What needs to be done for the finished product to be perceived as something special and memorable? How do you hook your party so they tell their friends about their experience? 


          A marketing strategy faces similar challenges. Attention to every detail is a must. Every turn of the clock has to play its part at the right time. We work with our clients on market and status quo analysis, positioning, defining goals and their approaches to the ROI on their social media investment.


          We can never forget who is always the center of all of our efforts: people, consumers, clients, employees, and the needs of all of those. One key success factor is to keep it simple (let’s skip the stupid) rather than to complicate them.


          These and some other factors are the foundation of our alternative marketing strategies. We also assist our clients with analysis, objectives, significant return on investment (ROI), key performance indicators (KPI) and positioning. 

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