• Our Recipe

    Start with constant idea development by our creative guerilla thinkers. Add writers, designers and programming nerds up-to-date with latest trends and technologies. Toss in lots of “yes we can”, created by a diverse team with years of experience…

    • Two Marketing Confectionaries

      We never bother with the monotony of cubicles making our offices the perfect settings to brainstorm and bake up the finest marketing delicacies. One bakery is located in an old factory, one in a residential area – both are perfect for creating master bakers.

      • Bakers - Our 5-star Pro Bakers

        The secret of our goodies? Our team! Our highly-experienced master bakers have vastly diverse backgrounds, interests, skills and professional achievements. The result is a group of outstanding individuals better than the sum of its parts.

        • Baking for a Good Cause

          Newsworthy Campaign + Good Cause = Success. We simply believe if one has the means to help people less fortunate, they are morally obligated to do so.

          • By The Numbers

            When did we open our doors? Where are we located? Who manages and owns conceptbakery? How many bakers are there? What are our notable milestones? We’ll even throw in some random facts for you!

            • Join the bakery

              Who doesn’t want to work in an awesome bakery? We are always interested in hearing from bakers or apprentices who are team players, think outside the box, and have at least three superpowers! You could be just what our perfect mix needs in the future!

              • Contact - Always just one click away

                Have an appetite for what you see? Interested in additional information about our bakery or delicacies? Want to swap favorite recipes? We want to hear from you so never hesitate to get in touch with us.

                By The Numbers

                Snapshot of Relevant Numbers & Facts

                Founded: September 2002


                Location: Denver (USA) / Cologne (Germany)


                Specialty: creativity + technical know-how = marketing delicacies


                Team: 22 in-house employees supported by a world wide freelancer network


                Legal Status: LLC (USA) / GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)


                Ownership: Felix Holzapfel and Klaus Holzapfel


                Management: Felix Holzapfel (Germany) / Klaus Holzapfel (USA)


                First large Client: Early 2003 (E-Plus, German telecommunications provider, building an online and mobile community, guerilla marketing on the web and mobile)


                Funding: Completely self-funded, no external investors, loans, etc. 

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                Inside the bakery: Who, how, what...