• Social Web - Having that Perfect Mix

    Our secret: Cautiously mixing together ingredients like concept development, idea creating, production, ongoing management and promotion. That creates a dough with broad reach which will perfectly rise while baking.

    • Production - Facebook, YouTube & Co.

      Our range of products stretch from bite-size chocolates to 14-layer cakes – no matter if Facebook Page, YouTube brand channel, Twitter, microsite or app. Small scale or large scale? This depends on the specifics and desired outcome of a project.

      • Community Management

        The more visitors come by for their daily baked goods, the harder it gets to manage your clientele. The same accounts for a social web community. What activity produced which results? Who said what and when? And so on and so on…

        • Promotion via Social Media

          Distribution to conversation: baking an amazing pie is one thing. Making sure that others know about it and stand in line to savor it is the other part of your success story. How do you identify and reach your target audience? We've got you covered.

          • Legal Meets Social Media

            Terms of use, privacy, copyright… we won’t ruin your appetite, but we will make sure you and your audience  can safely enjoy your social web delicacies without any unwanted side effects.

            • Product Testing Campaigns

              Let your products speak for themselves. Put them in the hands of your target audience and learn from their feedback. We manage successful and highly efficient product test promotions that will fit your budget.

              Community Management


              Once a consumer has developed a taste for your creations, we recommend regularly engaging with them.


              Your social media management will increase as daily visitors to your destinations grow. Content strategy and creation (text, images, videos, slideshows, infographics, etc.) are just two elements of professional community management. Also part of the mix? Defining main topic areas, creating publishing plans, publishing blog posts and articles, replying to questions and comments, and exploring new trends and opportunities to implement. Depending on the client's preference, we can manage certain tasks or the entire process.


               What's the impact of a particular post? Who said what to whom? What's the social media clout of the people you're talking to? What works and what doesn't? 


              Measuring results is just as important as knowing how and when to initiate conversation. That's when it makes sense to use monitoring tools that aggregate information for teams, including statistics from multiple platforms. Once you hit certain benchmarks, it might make sense to use a Social CRM.


              This is key information to satisfy the needs and requirement of your target audience. Knowing the ins and out of community management will help you to turn one-time visitors into regulars. 


              For do-it-yourselfers, we recommend one of our baking classes to learn how to engage your audience and turn your social media efforts into a success story.

              Food Poisoning

              When users lose their appetite

              One of the biggest common fears of brands not on the social web: What do you do if users publish negative comments about you? Sit still and do nothing? React? If yes, then how? Are these single events, or are you facing a full-blown viral crisis?

              We work on strategies with our clients to ensure a cooperative dialogue within their community. This includes worst-case scenarios, escalating mechanisms and planning for stressful situations.

              Once you have a fire burning in your kitchen, everyone should know exactly what to do. A viral crisis is very similar: if you take some preventive precautions and have an advance plan ready, you'll be ready in the unlikely event it does happen.

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