• Our ingredients

    As baking experts we know how to blend the perfect mix of ingredients at the right time and place, bake it to perfection and serve fresh right out of the oven. Our recipe box includes classics and our in-house creations.

    • Strategy - Analysis, Objectives, ROI & Co.

      What’s your story? Do you want to bake bread, cookies or a cake? And for whom? We ask the right questions… then answer them by turning a brand, company or campaign into a popular conversation topic.

      • Viral / WOM - Our Word-Of-Mouth Specials

        Original ideas and activities trigger participation and conversation. They need to be properly prepared and delivered with an appetizing flourish. They're usually the icing on the cake for our projects.

        • Social Web - Having that Perfect Mix

          Our secret: Cautiously mixing together ingredients like concept development, idea creating, production, ongoing management and promotion. That creates a dough with broad reach which will perfectly rise while baking.

          • Mobile - Marketing 2 Go

            iPhone and iPad, Android, Facebook Places and Deals, Foursquare, QR codes and many other location based services are just some of the ingredients dramatically changing the behavior of today’s consumers.

            • Cross-media: Mix it Baby!

              Some people use a fork to eat their pie. Others use a spoon. Both target audiences require different methods to get their attention. Make sure you stimulate the senses of your audience in the best possible way.

              • Cause Marketing & Corporate Responsibility

                Campaign + Good Cause = Success? We’ll be happy to show you how to increase the engagement within and around your social web efforts, anchor your message in the heads of your target audience and do some good, all at the same time.

                • Baking Classes - Let Us Teach You How To Bake

                  Would you rather bake your own marketing delicacies rather than nibble on what we have to offer? Learn more about the recipes and the ingredients. Our workshops and classes cover the underlying concepts and provide you with lots of practical know-how.


                  Marketing 2 Go

                  conceptbakery has many years of experience with mobile marketing. Do not lose your audience because they prefer to eat their piece of pie on the go. It is often as simple as the same product in a different package.


                  iPhone and iPad, Google Android, location based services, Facebook Places and Deals, Foursquare and QR codes are just some possible ingredients. The behavior of users is dramatically changing and we make sure you have treats that taste delicious at any size.


                  The online presentation of your company can be easily accessed through multiple formats. This creates new requirements for the design and the content of your website. Touchscreen or not? Screen resolution? Screen size? HTML5 compatible browser? A modern website should be able to answer these questions and "dress to the occasion". The same content has to be rendered differently according to the specs of the device and the browser it is being viewed in.


                  The mobile world offers us completely new ways to reach out to users at any time and place making it an active part of your marketing efforts. We are happy to help you blend these new ingredients into your marketing mix.

                  • Royal Caribbean International: Tourism goes social web, from web 2.0 to lead campaign...

                  • Rebusfarm: B2B, creating a global community an Facebook with over 75.000 Fans within month...

                  • Denon: International social web strategy, developing Word-Of-Mouth specials that work in multiple countries...

                  • Royal Caribbean International: Tourism goes social web, from web 2.0 to lead campaign...

                  • Redken: Multi-stage social web strategy, from B2B to B2C. Main objective: increasing Redken store visits... 

                  • Celebrity Cruises: Going full steam on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter...