NBC Universal buys iVillage for $600 million

Marketinvox reported that NBC will acquire popular women’s destination site iVillage. 11-year old iVillage owns several sites, all targeted to women. What a boon for advertisers. And iVillage.com is the 39th most visited Web site in the country, with 15.6 million unique visitors a month, according to comScore Media Metrix.
“Every part of NBC Universal, from television and film to home entertainment will support and drive iVillage forward. From this platform, NBC Universal will chart the next generation of digital content development and enhance user experience,” according to the announcement.
This is already the second landmark news from NBC Universal within a short period of time. Remember the Volkswagen product placement deal from January 13th?
The Volkswagen Media room has the story of a 5 year $200 million deal VW and NBC Universal signed in January 2006:
“This will represent one of the largest and most comprehensive alliances in the entertainment industry and prepares the ground for  new ways of reaching consumers on a global scale”, said Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, CEO of Volkswagen. “Product Placement and the movie industry are a growing factor in car promotion and Universal Studios is the most consistently successful movie studio in recent history. With their theme parks and their huge television section with NBC and other attractive TV stations, NBC Universal offers a highly attractive platform to promote our products and brand, which no other studio can offer.”

You can see how the pieces fit together: NBC understands the limitations and challenges of traditional media and tries to extend its ways   in how it will get into the minds of their audience. In essence, the got VW to pay for 1/3 of the acquisition of iVillage.

NBC had a minority stake in iVillage for a long time. Let’s see and watch how they put the pieces together now.

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