From No Record Contract And No $$$ Into The Charts?

Four Day Hombre, a band from Leeds, UK had no record contract, no money, no manager, no gigs – just like a million other bands on this planet. What they did have though was a list of emails of their fans.
The sent out a newsletter, stating that they wanted to start heir own record label in order to produce their won CD.

They were asking their fans to turn into investors. Sounds crazy? Alamo Music Ltd. Was founded 3 months later with the help of about 30 fans who were willing to put some money on the table.
Their first album was produced and mixed professionally. A website, professional images and publications were added to the mix.
The new album has just been released and the new UK charts are anxiously awaited. The 30 investors will certainly be watching for them on Saturday.
Needless to say that this is the nightmare of the record industry: they shut down most of the free MP3 supply. But here is a trend of bands taking their fate into their own hands and actually succeeding that they can hardly control. Quality content doesn’t always rule in the music business. It is more about who you know. But if all you need are 30 friends with their combined savings the playing field is leveled quite remarkably.

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