Getting pizza coupons by text message

Patrick Baltatzis at Business 2.0 published this story today:

You know those pizza coupons you find hanging on the doorknob when you get home?

Soon you’ll be getting the equivalent on your cell phone, if the plans of mobile marketers come to fruition.

Some advertisers think this is the next hot thing, while others worry that consumers will find it as intrusive as those paper door-hangers and other circulars that pile up on doorstops.

Annoying or not, door-hangers are effective at generating sales because they hit consumers where they live. Similarly, new technologies like Bluetooth, infrared, and Wi-Fi are making it easier and potentially cheaper than ever to reach consumers by mobile when they’re just about to walk into a shop.

They also allow for targeted marketing. In the Boston area, a number of companies have signed up with MobileLime, a startup that allows consumers to pay for purchases with their cell phones. Users also can opt in to get text messages of special promotions — including, yes, deals on pizza. Click here to read the full story…

Our take:

Opt-in ist a must. Sending advertising to cell phone users without their permission is SP@M. It won’t be recieved very well in most cases.

Mobile marketing kann be a killer tool. It offer some great benefits over all other advertising channels. You can respond very quickly, i.e. to drive up sales in your stores when it suddenly slows down.

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