Hollywood is changing…reluctantly…or closing entirely…

We came across an excellent article by Keith Boesky named “Hollywood’ The Gatekeeper Over Distribution.

The article describes the struggle of the Movie Studios of dealing with the challenges of our changing information landscape. The control the once used to have runs like sand through their fingers. Keith Boesky is laying it all out for you, so I can take the day off ;-)
My questions would be:

  • What remains for the Movie studios besides managing their libraries?
  • Who still wants to do business with them since there is so much bad will out there that has built up over 100 years or more?
  • Is there any more grip to be lost?
  • Paul Allen already is shareholder at Disney. Are the tech companies taking over the Movie studios entirely?
  • The movie industry was the best way to export American lifestyle and values across the world. How is this going to change once the majority of the studios are foreign owned or reduced to insignificance in the media landscape?
  • Are we finally done with tons of sequels and remakes nobody cares about?
  • What are people in Los Angeles going to do if the industry keeps shrinking? We can’t all sell Starbucks Frapuccinos to each other.
  • ???

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