A mixed bouqet of numbers on Internet use

Number of Internet Users
The number of Internet users surpassed one billion in 2005 — up from only 45 million in 1995 and 420 million in 2000. While the U.S. continues to lead with nearly 200 million Internet users at the end of 2005, China and India are now in second and fourth place among Internet users. The two billion Internet users milestone is expected to be touched by 2011. Source: Silicon India

MySpace Rises As New Online Star
The Internet has a rising star whose name isn’t Google. Just over 2 years old, MySpace now has 2 1/2 times the traffic of Google Inc., and it quickly eclipsed Friendster as the top social-networking site.
Source: Yahoo Tech

Most popular websites in Germany (number of visits in January 2006)
Google 23 million
eBay 19 million
MSN 13 million antisocial people they are! ;-)

How many people own a PC?
USA: 84%
Denmark & Norway: 64%
Germany 43%
France 39%

% of Internet users in Europe:
Denmark: 77%
Sweden: 74%
Norway: 71%
Germany & France: 50%

Mobile users in Europe:
Great Britain and Sweden: 110%,
Norway: 107%
Finnland: 102%
Germany: 95%

Most popular top level domains:
.com – 45 million
.de – 10 million
.net – 6 million

Devices per Household in Germany (2005)
Mobile phone: 3.4
TV: 2.6
PC/Laptop: 2.1
Internet access: 1.3
MP3 player: 1.2

Technical devices owned by 12-19 year olds in Germany (2005)
Mobile phone: 92%
MP3 player: 66%
PC/Laptop: 57%

Broadband users in Europe
Great Britain: 8.4 million
France: 9.7 million
Germany: 8.4 million

All the numbers above from wuv.de

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