George Orwell finally has it his way…Or: The world of FIFA

World Cup Logo Sueddeutsche Zeitung helps us to stay up-to-date with the changes in Germany during the Soccer World Cup due to the FIFA enforcing its tough rules. Here are the latest findings:

The owners of the stadium in Hamburg had to remove some bathroom tiles because the had the AOL logo on it. Yahoo! is an official World Cup sponsor. The stadium also has to close its Museum featuring the history of the local soccer club HSV. Some of the pictures show the logos of sponsors that are not in the friends-with-FIFA list.

If you own a newspaper stand within the “commercial free zone” around the stadium you have to remove all logos or banners besides the name of your own booth. You are not allowed to promote the newspapers you are selling.

If you are living within the commercial free zone, you are not allowed to have any banners or logos at your house promoting anything other than your own business.

No other events will be hosted around the stadiums during the world-cup. This led to the closure of the popular “Berliner Waldbuehne” during the best part of the summer.

Hyundai plans to put their logo on all cars around the stadiums. Even the ones from other brands. Don’t be surprised to see some German luxury cars with Korean logos on them.

We are not into the whole April fools day thing. We are not making this up. It looks like the FIFA is reintroducing the Iron Curtain concept to Germany to refresh our memory a little bit.

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