Adidas – Wanna Play

Adidas - Wanna Play?Take a look at the “Adidas – Wanna Play” video at YouTube. Now that’s what we are talking about: A nice video by Adidas shot in the streets of Amsterdam to warm us up a bit for the World Cup. This is an old ad shot for the Euro 2000 but I still like watching it.

I am sure Nike and Adidas will give each other some healthy competition about the most capturing videos this year. You could most probably shoot a blockbuster with the dough they are spending.

If you are doubtful and still need to find out what is so special about this sport take a look. Tell me if you could ever shoot something like that for Baseball, American Football or Ice Hockey?

Even basketball doesn’t have that much streetworth credibility. You still need a hoop. Soccer can be played anywhere, by anybody. Got no ball? Kick a soda can. Got no goal? Use some rocks. It’s that simple.

I graciously forget all the times I got into trouble for playing at the wrong place at the wrong time. Alzheimer rules!

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