Celebrity shots with a twist…

Private Creating guerilla marketing campaigns using doubles is nothing new. We’ve all heard about it, thought about it, done it. Anybody that closely resembles a World Cup soccer player might be able to make some extra money this summer.

But here is someone who really masters the whole double art in a very unique way. Take a look at Alison Jackson’s website. She takes a look at the world of celebrities in a special, funny, sarcastic way. She “captures” them in their private moments. Her photos really stick out. We love the Maggie Thatcher shot. Tony Blair in the pool with Cherie is quite a sight as well.

Becks, Royals and wanna-be Royals are all in there.

In order to see more shots and get more good laughs you’ll have to order her book “Private” .

Her legal advice on how to stay out of trouble might also be worth something. Tony Blair and the likes are never shy of a lawsuit. That’ll be a different book, of course.

First found at coolhunting.

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