White-knight word of mouth marketing is getting a break

WOMMAHere is an encouraging press release from today stating that DuPont is the first Fortune 100 Company to endorse the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s (WOMMA) Code of Ethics.

WOMMA is the official trade association for the word of mouth marketing industry.

At their website, WOMMA strongly advocates the honesty of relationship, opinion, and identity. A special emphasis is given to the protection of children. WOMMA stresses heightened ethical obligations in working with children.

DuPont signing onto these standards is a remarkable step of self regulation that could show the ropes for many marketers on the web. (Many of you might argue that self regulation and the Internet are an antagonism. I prefer self regulation to the potential other alternatives out there.)

Will Dupont obeying the rules of WOMMA change the world? Nope. But it is a small step in the right direction.

That alone deserves to be acknowledged among all the steps in the wrong direction happening on the web, every day.

I read about people getting sick of deceptive WOM advertising left and right. It shouldn’t be too hard to stick to a few common sense rules.

But then, what are all the forum administrators going to do with their spare time? Their lives would be crushed. No more neighborhood watch :-( …No worries, that’s not going to happen.

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  • http://www.maryschmidt.com Mary Schmidt

    You’re right. It’s a step in the right direction. But signing something and actually doing it are two different things. And, I still think the more people tout written documents and post signs about such things, the less likely they are to have them. Ethics, integrity, commitment to customers, employee empowerment; commmitment to quality; bla-blahhh. (The White House staff taking a course of ethics, as was announced a while back. That’s both frightening and sad, on so many levels.)

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