Tom Cruise is going viral – big time

You want to go viral? Just go weird, I mean really weird and you’ll be up there. Take the case of our beloved actor Tom Cruise: So Katie Holmes finally had her baby named “Suri” (that’s slightly better than “Apple”).

But who cares about the name if the actor announces he would eat the placenta after the birth, that the mother wouldn’t be allowed to talk to the child for seven days (to avoid childhood trauma associations with the mother), and that the birth itself had to be silent (except for the mother). Goodness, gracious. Go viral Tom. Keep jumping on Oprah’s couch. We all know you are fake and full of it.

Here is your real problem:
Philip Seymour Hoffman – in a “60 Minutes” interview just before the Oscars – talked very nicely about acting. He says he prefers to keep a low profile of himself so people don’t associate him with the person he is personifying. Even his friends sometimes forget who he is when they see him on the screen.

That’s a little harder for our Tommy boy. No matter which movie – we always know who you are.

Most ironic: Cruise and Hoffman face each other in the upcoming Mission Impossible III. A placenta-eater and a recent Oscar Winner. Which side are you on?

Checking out of Hollywood for the day…

  • http://www.maryschmidt.com Mary Schmidt

    I fell in love with Tom in Risky Business. Now, I can’t stand him. Sad, classic case of getting so wealthy and powerful that nobody can say, “Um, honey, you’re getting a just a teensy-weensy crazy.”

    (Yes, Virginia there is such a thing as bad publicity.)

    And, have you noticed that every single one of his movies has a “running” scene? Just a bit o’ trivia for this Monday a.m.

    Back to more weighty subjects, like Brangelina’s baby. (Yawn)

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