World Cup countdown – T minus 43: Ladies men?

Ladies menThis is a funny ad suggesting a great place for women to visit during the World Cup.

I am not buying into this.

The problem is that Switzerland is in the World Cup and all you’ll ever hear from these guys is ” Hopp Schwyz”. I doubt that the Swiss men will have a lot of time for the ladies…

On a positive note:
The highest German court turned down FIFA’s claim to protect the phrase “Soccer World Cup 2006″ (Fussball WM 2006). You go, disobedient Germans!!!

FIFA had tried to register the phrase for over 860 products and services in order to protect their sponsors. With this legal threat out of the window, everyone is free to use the official name of the event. Germany will be entirely covered with those magic words. It is going to be a beautiful sight.

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