World Cup countdown – T minus 39: Lukas Podolski

Lukas PodolskiOne of the German hopefuls is Lukas Podolski from Cologne. He is only 20 years old but is already legend on and off the court. His one-liners in strong Cologne dialect are his trademark.

His is also a sharp shooter on the pitch as the video clip shows. Beware of the long intro – the action is a bit hidden behind it.

There is not a whole lot of World Cup fever going on in Los Angeles (yet :-) ). But I know it is coming soon. I am using the Basketball playoffs as a warmup. They help me to get into my “two games per day can not be disturbed rythm”. I’ll be prepared.
What a shame that Wayne Rooney got injured yesterday. That is a major blow to the English team. We want the best players in Germany; not on crutches at home.

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