Interesting batch of mobile statistics

Ken Rutowski sent out an interesting batch of mobile phone facts today. I picked the most interesting ones and couldn’t resist to add my personal take. So facts in Italic, my spillage in regular font.

13% of US wireless customers consider their service excellent
That leaves about 87% who consider their service something like “not so excellent”

207.9 mln wireless users in the US in 2005, 69% penetration
Compare that to 100% in Ireland or even 108% in Scandinavia. Let’s get some more phones!

226.7 mln cell phones sold in Q1 2006 globally
That computes into a life cycle of cell phones of about 4 years.

24% of cell phone users feel they have to answer a call no matter what
Aren’t all calls REALLY important? The Prez could be calling any minute.

27% of Japanese mobile consumer use bar code readers
And most Americans don’t even know that such a thing exists.

3.8 mln of British mobile users had some SMS-related injury
Must be from all the wifes’ who find out that their husbands are cheating.

36% of US wireless customers have been shocked by their wireless bills
Stay away from them 900 numbers…

41% of Americans fill in their free time with calling someone on their wireless phone
Do you get these call as well from “friends” that give you they impression that all they have to do is fill some idle time? “Do you really care” should be the first question when someone like that calls you.

420 mln mobile users in China
That number boggles me. The cities I understand; but the whole rural community being wireless already?

90 mln mobile subscribers in India
Compare that to 420 million in China.

54.1 mln Americans use Cingular, 51.3 mln – Verizon
I wish Vonage would go wireless.

6% of US households rely exclusively on cell phones
That’s not a whole lot.

Average cell phone conversation lasts 3 minutes 15 seconds
That’s how long I usually talk to the operator before my real call even starts.

Cell phone exam cheating in England up 27%
That’ll only get you that far. There are still enough situations where cell phone cheating won’t work. Not in my house!

Japanese kids generated $275 mln for wireless industry in 2005
Finally someone spending their allowance the right way.

Men more likely than women to drive and talk on cell phones
And woman are supposed to be the better multi-taskers!
I still laugh about the guy who used to flash the sign at traffic lights that read: “Hang up the phone, Motherf###er!”

Revenues per mobile user down by 11% in Finland in 2005
There goes that hype.

50% of US mobile subscribers own a cameraphone
Taking picture of what? I love that new commercial of the phone that gets thrown into a pool in Vegas after the girls in their bikinis realize it has a camera built in it: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

2.5 bln mobile subscribers by the end of 2006
That could potentially amount to a lot of brain tumors. But there will still be 3.5bln of us left

Quite a bit of insight in these numbers.

  • http://www.maryschmidt.com Mary Schmidt

    Great list. Me? I’m baffled as to why the service/reception is so poor in my own home – and I live literally across the street from a cell tower. “Can you hear me now? Hellowwwww?????” “I’LL CALL YOU BACK ON MY LAND LINE” is typical of many of my home conversations. Strangely, the transmission is crystal clear (both ways) at 11,000 feet in the middle of nowhere in Northern New Mexico. Go figure.

    Seems to me it would make great good sense for the various mobile companies to spend more on technology and less on celebrity sspokespeople and advertising. (And, I have an extensive background in telecom, so I know what that entails.)

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