How about bare bone newspapers topped with a little blogging by our favorites?

I read a post at Influential Interactive Marketing about the State of Media that made me wonder a little bit. Due to the story, the level of trust in our press is even lower than the trust in our Government which is certainly a little problem.

Rohit speculates about how different opinions in wikis or group blogs can balance each other out and lead to a smart,balanced – and more trustworthy? – overall presentation of stories.

Do I hear: “The Wisdom Of Crowds” here?

Maybe all these opinionated bloggers are good for something after all?

I am sure we will see cases in the not so distant future where our little blogosphere will lead to smarter and more balanced decision making.

But then how do journalists position themselves in the future – especially the ones commenting, not reporting?

They all might have to move on and create their own niche in the blogosphere.

And if Newspapers are reduced to reporting only, it won’t even make a difference any longer which one you read. You get to pick your own editorial content on top of the plain vanilla bare-bone news.

So the WSJ might work for liberals and the NY times for conservatives.

Maybe you could even have a function tied in with the papers directly where you’ll be provided with blog postings of your liking – sort of blending a news only site with an RSS reader. Filtering the entries and making sure the quality is sufficient would be the part of an editorial team.

Sounds like a plan. Let’s all go and start our own newspapers then;-)

If someone could figure out how to do this offline as well, they’d have something going. Sort of like this:
“If you are a liberal, go to page 23 to read the end of this story. DO NOT look at page 19. If you are conservative please go to page 19.

Disclaimer: By the time you are reading this, this paper is already totally out of date. We can’t catch up with all these bloggers updating their stories like crazy.”

Obviously I am not reinventing the wheel here. A lot of bare bone news + RSS is already happening. Aren’t we all doing it?

I am just speculating about the next step: Putting the entire news landscape, as we knew it for the last 150 years, to grave.

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