Fun +World Cup + conceptbakery = Send A Player

Currently, soccer fan sites, forums and blogs are popping up left and right.

We decided that we can’t just let the World Cup let slip by without doing anything about it.

Therefore we created Send A Player; an e-card generator that let’s everyone build silly soccer e-cards in a very short period of time.

Send A Player

A number of quotes can be attached to each player and they can be put into various outfits and scenes.

The number of combinations is pretty huge and some of the combinations are going to be pretty wicked.

Regardless of what other people think it is only soccer or rather: football and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Unless you want to have some serious fun.

A German version with German players is also available at sendaplayer.net .

We figured: Mr. Klinsmann can coach the German team from Huntington Beach, why can’t we do a site in German from Los Angeles?

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