Publishing an entire book as a blog?

My hyperactive brother and partner in Germany came up with an interesting idea a few weeks ago: He had written a 27 chapter book about Guerilla marketing (who doesn’t these days;-) and wanted to publish the entire book in blog format and as a podcast.

My first thought was that any blog template I would know would have to be tweaked significantly to suit that format. He was firm on it and insisted to do it.

The chapters are not too long and we found a great “stretchy” template for WordPress.

Long story short, the book went live this week and by looking at the initial feedback in blogs in Germany and our server logs it is a huge success.

You can see the finished result at Guerillamarketingbuch.com . Unfortunately the entire thing is in German :-(

So if you have a similar project in mind I would encourage you to not hold back and wait until the perfect book-as-blog solution becomes available. I know various groups are experimenting with this whole concept right now.

Sometimes you just want to take a plunge. That’s what my brother Felix did and I think it’ll work out perfectly fine. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a published knocking on his door pretty soon.

The book is available as a traditional pdf as well but it appears that the blog and the podcast version are much more popular.

  • http://www.OwnYourBrand.com Michael Wagner

    This is a solution I need to explore. And I like the bias for action. That is what it takes.

    I think Goethe said something like, “there is magic in action” – your brother understands that.

    Thankful for your blog and the passion and wisdom you share!

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