Piercing the FIFA veil – World Cup Guerilla Marketing anyone?

I have been running hot on the whole World Cup theme for months now.

I have been complaining about the FIFA being too restrictive (which appears to lead to some pre World Cup apathy in Germany).

I also mentioned that we would take on the challenge to reach out in that very crowded environment.

Here is what I am seeing:
We have been telling customers to get ready for the event for almost a year now. The closer we get the crazier it becomes. Everybody is waking up last minute. I don’t want to bore you with any details but this is definitely the most exciting time we’ve ever had since we started almost four years ago.

I would like to hear from others what’s happening at their end. If things are top secret tell us after the fact. But I know that many of you can do better than just stick the words World Cup on some products in the grocery stores (apparently it is pretty much impossible to buy anything without these words on it in Germany right now;-) ).

So what are you telling your customers that call you two weeks before the event and want five TV spots ready within seven days?

What are you telling customers that want to launch a new portal within a week, or three Flash banners within 24 hours?

Or a government agency that wants to promote their services and run an image campaign in two weeks?

I am getting really excited about the World Cup (and going to Germany to experience the craziness first hand) but I am also really curious what other creative marketers will come up with to pierce the FIFA veil.

Let’s see who wins the World Cup of Guerilla Marketing – WCGM that is ;-)

  • http://www.OwnYourBrand.com Michael Wagner

    Dear Klaus, this is an interesting request. The idea of a quick turn around is always a challenge. Then add to that the noise level, ” it is pretty much impossible to buy anything without these words on it in” along with FIFA’s restrictions and you do indeed have ” the World Cup of Guerilla Marketing”.

    As a speaker and teacher the goal is to get people to think. That’s what I love about what I do. But I see you are gifted in this as well. If I had a guerilla tactic, secret or not, I would share it with you.

    Maybe I need to get in training for some serious World Cup Guerilla Marketing?!

    Thanks for challenging the conversation!

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