The dumbest sport stars ever?

One of my mantras of the last 30 years is that soccer players are not very smart (I played myself for over 20 years – go figure ;-) )

Here is another brilliant example of what I am talking about:

Nuno Gomes and Armando Petit of the Portuguese national team were getting interviewed for TV and talked about all their DVD collection to beat the tie during pre World Cup training sessions.

Too bad that they were showing the TV team movies like the Producers, Mission Impossible III and Basic Instinct II. Too bad that none of them have been released as DVD’s yet. Go figure.

Too bad also that the Portugues ministry of culture was watching the airing.

Even worse now: Portugal has real tough copyright violation laws stretching from very high fines to jail time up to three years.

No that’s what I call really stupid! It is mind boggling to me every day how guys like this can be considered National heroes. I don’t get it. Couldn’t we find some better heroes?

Our little World Cup project doesn‘t use those two guys but our stars are in line with Mr. Gomes and Mr. Petit.

Story found at Sport1.de.

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