moviebakery award – global warming meets web video contest

On the CouchToday is the launch date for our “moviebakery award“ (www.moviebakery.com). The objective is to increase awareness for the global warming debate with a number of eye-catching web videos.

We are calling all video artists from around the world to action: Every web movie maker with a creative mind is invited to participate and submit her/his movie by April 30th, 2007. Conceptbakery is looking for funny, provoking, out of the box, or simply different short movies that reflect on the global warming debate from various angles.

We all know that some of the most popular online videos do not have a fully professional touch but rather a rough look. This fact should encourage movie makers with limited budgets or limit technical abilities to participate as well. Conceptbakery would be happy to introduce some new talent with the moviebakery award.

Why this topic?

A) Global warming is 50% hot – A lot of talking but not a lot of action is taking place yet.

We believe that the topic of global warming has worldwide appeal. People do understand that something needs to happen in the near future. The topic affects all of us in many different ways and we hope that it will inspire movie makers to participate and to come up with some outstanding productions. We are trying to add some fuel to the debate via our grassroots approach.

B) This video contest should be fun but also can serve a good cause.

We know that we as guerilla & viral marketing experts are at a unique spot: We can connect people. We can create attention. Our potential is also a responsibility to us. With this contest we found a combination of doing what we know best and doing what we love to do.

We‘d like to support the organization StopGlobalWarming with our contest. Every movie submitted needs to show their logo and their hyperlink. At this page, you can learn more about our reasons to support this group.

The winners will be announced on May 15th, 2007 and will receive cash:

  1. Prize $ 1,300 (1,000 Euro)
  2. Prize $ 390 (300 Euro)
  3. Prize $ 100 (100 Euro)

Why not more? We sponsor this award by ourselves without any third parties involved. Since we are not the Getty foundation we can‘t offer more cash. But we will promote all the top videos via all channels available to us: Video portals, press releases & other marketing activities. This added benefit should compensate for the lack of higher cash prizes.

Additional information about the moviebakery award, the rules, the prizes and the option to register for the contest can be found online at www.moviebakery.com.

Do you know of anyone who enjoys making videos? Why don‘t you let her/him know about this contest? The more people join in the better the results…this in return will benefit our cause to create more attention for the fight against global warming.

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