Global Warming contests – the next trend in web videos?

ZooppaWe announced a global warming web video contest on March 27th on our new platform www.moviebakery.com. The project is Non-Profit and is entirely financed by us.

Apparently we are setting an example: The web video site Zooppa started a similar project just a few days later.

Of course there are a few differences between the contests:

  1. They support a Greenpeace vs. us supporting StopGlobalWarming.org
  2. The winners of the contest don’t get any cash. The prizes will be donated to the beneficiary.
  3. The movies at Zooppa don’t include a logo to the beneficiary of the contest but a logo to Zooppa.
  4. The movies will be shown at Zooppa but won’t be promoted otherwise. Moviebakery will distribute the movies across the web and through various offline channels as well.

So are we upset about someone else doing a similar project?

Not at all! We’d be happy to create a trend and get as many creative talent involved in the fight against global warming as possible. Video makers, multi media artists, graphic artists & musicians certainly can do more to keep us a little bit cooler. All of this will create more attention and that will benefit each single one of us in the long run.

We have been asked repeatedly if we are planning to build something similar to Zooppa on the moviebakery platform. No worries! Our approach is entirely different. We will certainly do more non-profit projects in the future. There are plenty of other worthwhile causes in our eyes. We will also introduce a new business model dealing with viral marketing web videos in the near future. We can tell to much about it yet. It will be totally different from anything out there so far. We will be ready in a few weeks and will tell you all about it!

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