moviebakery global warming web video award update: Klaus and Felix hop in front of the camera..

Time for a quick update on our global warming web video award a moviebakery:

1. We decided to extend the deadline for submitting videos to May 10th since some video makers told us about their busy schedules. We’d like to receive as many entries as possible and five days is enough of time for our jury to select the winnners and announce them on May 15th.

2. Even though my brother Felix and I are definitely not pursuing a career in acting, the web video contest forced us in front of the camera as well. We just put a small clip together (in German) that aired on the German online TV station idee07.tv.

3. We also went ahead and launched a moviebakery page at YouTube where we talk a bit about our contest and the future of moviebakery. We are definitely not setting new standards in video publishing here but we learned that some of our audience prefers an easy-to-digest snack-bite video format. So YouTube, here we are!!!

Here is a video where we talk a bit about the global warming video contest. We could of course talk a lot about it, but it is our mantra to keep things short.

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