The “other” Christmas Calendar – moviebakery presents 24 thought provoking web videos by various artists

conceptbakery is launching a Christmas calendar at www.moviebakeryinaction.com. It is fundamentally different from other online calendars in a number of ways:

moviebakery Xmas CalendarBehind every “door” of the calendar is a more or less provoking video. Twentyone video artists – some of them leading movie makers on YouTube – worked with our moviebakery team and contributed their entries. The videos are not the usual Christmas feel good videos. They are meant to trigger viewers to question their regular behaviors around the holidays and re-detect the true Christmas spirit.

Viewing the videos is supporting a good cause. The videos will be hosted on revenue sharing platforms such MetaCafe.com and Revver.com.

If any or all of the videos become an online success the net proceeds will be donated to a number of non-profit organizations benefiting disadvantaged children.

The videos deal with a wide range of stories circling around the shopping craziness and the lack of people truly connecting and reaching out to each other. Some of them are on the more humorous side, others are a bit more serious. At the end the viewers should be encouraged to shift their focus to the less material part of Christmas. moviebakery will show how it is done!

Companies have the opportunity to sponsor any one (or more) of the videos and their logo and/or message will be shown in the first seconds of a video. These proceeds will be used to help children in need. Additional information is available directly at moviebakeryinaction.com.

Everyone mentioning the project by posting a link, blog entry or something similar will also help generating more viewers.

Additional info is available at www.moviebakeryinaction.com. The first video will be published on December 1st.

In Germany we support an organization named „Wir helfen e.V.“ (simply translated: “we help”). They help children in and around Cologne that have been in legal trouble. The goal is to stabilize the children’s life in order to prevent further trouble.

In Denver we are looking to sponsor a Christmas party in a shelter home.

We also support the Salus Foundation . This non-profit built a school in India and we are glad to help them out. We did so in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Their site will tell you all about them. Most important: They do take donations via PayPal and Credit Card. For us, helping them is the next best thing besides doing a project ourselves.

One of our movie makers is involved with a an organization named Awareness Cambodia. The organization is located in Australia and does great work with very little overhead. Another good place to send some of that Christmas bonus money and feel good about it!

Time to spread out the word about moviebakeryinaction.com !!!

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