The moviebakery Christmas calendar is up and running :-)

We tried to do something unique and put 24 videos together that are supposed to make people think a bit about their usual behaviors around Christmas. Maybe some viewers will actually be inspired by the fact that many others think the same way they do. I always find it encouraging if I know that others share my views. We won‘t change the world with this but maybe it is a small start that will help to cause a shift in sentiment.

We are grateful for everyone that has helped out so far. Most of all the movie makers that are contributing the videos to the calendar. We have an amazing variety of very non-traditional Christmas videos thanks to your great work. Some of the videos are in German but we are providing subtitles for all of them and hope they make sense. The videos come from many different countries: Australia, Argentina, Finland, Austria, Germany and the U.S.

Startup Story RadioWe are experiencing a lot of support for the project on and off the web. Rob McNealy of Startup Story Radio actually invited me to his show last Saturday and gave me an opportunity to talk about the project. In case you are interested, you can get the podcast of the show here. The first half of the show was more general talk about consumerism at Christmas. The second half of the show is were I cam in. The show only aired locally in Colorado and on the web.

A number of sponsors also agreed to support the project. The sponsoring allows us to raise money for kids, so I hope you are not too annoyed by it when you see it (I know some guys are very sensitive to this – please understand we are not trying to fill our own pockets).

In case you would like to be part of this, feel free to contact us. Of course we welcome every bit of support we can get for the project.

At this time I‘d also like to thank everyone involved in developing the stories for the videos and the designers that put the graphics for the actual calendar together.

I‘d also like to thank all the other movie makers of our community for their support – even if they didn‘t provide videos this time. Your work put us in the position to do this project. so consider yourself a part of this as well.

Let‘s not forget Tim Lieberman who manages all the system development for moviebakery. I am proud to work with such a capable team. All of you together make moviebakery happen – you know who you are!

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    Thats nice and funny =) greets from germany

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