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How often do you change your browser startup page? Mine has been the New York Times website for at least 8 years. We all have our own ways to find our news. I usually start with the New York Times then I wonder over to Spiegel.de and Sueddeutsche Zeitung – my favorite sites for German and World News. Next is my RSS reader with my favorite marketing and tech blogs. Now I found a site named AllTop (alltop.com) that forces me to change my entire routine.

The site is a basically a news aggregator from many different sources organized in different categories. 5 stories per feed – selected by a group of power readers.

I love the smart and non-intrusive way of Javascript on the site. Guy Kawasaki is a co-founder of the site. He should be knowing what he is doing.

Of course there is room for improvement: The sports section is very USA-centric and there are no ways to set preferences or customize the site yet. Other than that it is a site the site is outstanding and I changed my browser now opens up with alltop.

Mr. Kawasaki already stated that AllTop is planning to place contextual ads on the site. I like the clean look of the site but I understand that they need to make their $$$ some way.

  • http://www.restposten-zentrum.de ricarda

    Bin zurück, hoffe habt ein nettes Osterfest verbracht, Energie getankt, damit noch viel neues von Euch kommt. Gute Artikel, sehr gut zu lesen;-)

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