Amazon killer application

Amazon just launched TextBuyIt. It allows you to send an SMS to Amazon and they‘ll tell you the price for any particular product on their site. It get‘s better: Send another SMS and you can actually buy your item right through your cell phone. You won‘t need a fancy iPhone for that. Your 1999 Nokia will do.

If I were Nordstroms or Macy‘s or BestBuy or any other major retailer I‘d start installing scramblers right away. Wait: That won‘t make sense. The stores are empty already anyway and the few guys in there will leave if their cell phone reception is dead. How about matching prices then?

You can see where I am heading with this: This is a new level of rubbing the power of the web right into the faces of the retailers.

I think Amazon just has brought poaching to a new level.

Here is my vision for the future retail store: You have to pay to get in and you won‘t be able to take anything with you. You will merely touch and try the products you will buy online later on. That‘s it.

In case your financial analyst hasn‘t called you yet: Certain stocks (guess who?) should not be purchased in the next 100,000 years or so.

I’ll go and get my camera to take some pictures, so I can remember how retails stores used to look like..

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