Thank you WordPress for bringing 2.5

Kudos to WordPress: I installed WordPress 2.5 on three of our blogs this week. They really did a great job in uncluttering their interface. That is much harder done than said. Everyone who has ever designed or re-designed functionality-loaded interfaces knows how hard it is not just to change but actually dramatically improve things.
The new interface looks nothing like the old one. I think this version would have deserved a 3 at the beginning. Excellent work!

Still on my wishlist:
A one-button upgrade to a new version. I am still skipping updates because it is too much hassle to download, then upload via ftp and then run the upgrade script. It is simply to much manual work (=source of error).

If WordPress could do the same for the plugins as well, I‘d be really happy. And then I’ll keep my mouth shut.

  • http://www.enthaart.de coco

    Echt gute Seite, macht super Spass hier zu lesen. Interessante Artikel, die gut geschrieben sind. Hoffe bald mehr von Euch;-)

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