Need to clone myself 600 times and some other YouTube thoughts

1. Too much to handle?
Following a scandal in England a YouTube spokesperson declared at a parliament hearing in England that each minute 10 hours of video content get uploaded on Youtube. If YouTube wanted to monitor each video before releasing it by real people (as Revver does) they would require 1800 employees just doing that (3 shifts per 8 hours).

Given the fact that YouTube still struggles with generating revenue as well as most social networking platforms I don’t see that happening.

Ever watched Multiplicity with Michael Keaton? The thought of being able to clone myself never escaped my memory. Me times 600 and I could watch it all. Then I’d still have to figure out a way to cluster all my brains…

2. Manipulating YouTube

I found this post on LinkedIn yesterday. Especially the second answer is very interesting. It explains in detail how YouTube’s viewer statistics can be manipulated. It is not a one step process but it is not exactly rocket science either. Of course a video with millions of views is considered more popular and might trigger more people to watch it. I wonder how many videos have benefitted from that scam already.

YouTube better close that loophole rather quickly or the credibility of their statistics will greatly suffer.

Just for the records: Just because we know how to “tweak” YouTube statistics doesn’t mean that we will ever do anything like that. The 60,000 views on our Global Warming video are real. The average ratings on our videos are real.

You shouldn’t think about black hat marketing either. It is cheating and people will find out and they won’t like it. Any viable business has way too much at stake. The long-term cost of getting busted is much higher than the short term benefit of tricking some people.

3. Youtube’s communication tools

Power users would be very happy to pay for a premium membership with more enhanced management tools. Ever tried to stay on top of hundreds of comments on dozens of videos? There is a revenue model you might look into a bit more…

And Google should know how to do better.

4. Allow for more interactivity
YouTube doesn’t want user to leave their site. Therefore only flat FLV formats are allowed. We think that the future is going to be in interactive videos. Flash action script allows for great things to be done with videos. But of course people will jump to another site when they click on a link (product info..) within a video. YouTube needs to get a handle on that or will become less important for commercial use.

5. Future of seeding videos
Uploading videos on YouTube and watching reactions unfold is still fun. Even though stats can be tweaked (see above) there is still a lot of authenticity involved. But some clients want more. They want to be in front of their target groups. That’s why I am packing my bags today and will drag myself to Ad:Tech in San Francisco.
YouTube (and all similar platforms) will stay part of our seeding mix but there are plenty of other opportunities (besides Google Video Ads) out there that are worth getting looked at.

To be continued…

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