Post-its are great – how about their videos then?

Post-it YouTube contestPost-its are definitely a great innovation and 3M has to be thankful for their existence.
In order to do some promotion (do they even need that?) they put a crowd-sourcing contest on YouTube: $10,000 dollars for the winner and Laptops for the top 10 finalists.

Sounds like a smash hit. 960 subscribers on the site, almost 90k channel views.

Let‘s take a look at the videos: There are 39 favorites listed right now – most of them with 2 or 3 star ratings. No video at this time has more than 10,000 views – most of them much less then that.

For the records: There are some nice videos out there. Here is a video I liked.

And yes, I do have an opinion about all this:

  1. Post-it is a very inspiring product. It shouldn‘t be too hard to come up with some real great material. My sick mind thinks of a girl in a post-it bikini at the Carnival in Rio first but then there are also cartoons, or sticking post its on an airplane and so on and so on.
  2. At moviebakery we see many times that a video maker has a great initial concept but doesn‘t have the idea fully developed. In some creative dialog we (our writers and the film maker) are often able to turn a rough concept into a more refined idea.
  3. We also learned that what we communicate in (supposedly) very clear words isn‘t always received in the same way at the other end. It is not our or the artists fault. It is simply miscommunication and it can happen any time. Only learning what ideas video makers are presenting to us (before they start shooting) allows us to catch any misunderstandings early in the process.
  4. It is Post-it. These videos should really rock.

What does 3M get out of all this?
A ton of videos where produced but most probably will never be used. Many of those videos could have been way better with a little tweaking of the story line. Compared to the work of running a crowd sourcing contest the return will be rather marginal unless a miracle entry turns things around and gives them the idea for their next global marketing campaign.

Where are the video makers left?
One guy will cash in big time. Some guys will get a notebook. But the whole majority of the contestants will have spent their time and money and won‘t get anything in return.

Bottom line
Pure user generated content contest has its shortcomings. This is a nice showcase for why moviebakery has ever been developed. Sorry, but we can do better than that!

There you have it: Shameless self promotion;-)

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