Groundswell provides outstanding conversation material

groundswell - winning a world transformed by social technologiesCharlene Li and Josh Bernoff from Forrester Research wrote the captivating book   “groundswell – winning a world transformed by social technologies”. It describes the changed relationship between companies and their customers better than anything I have read so far.

It provides a blue print for companies on how to create a successful interactive online relationship with their clients. No matter wether B2C or B2B, no matter what industry, no matter what product or service.

The authors stress the importance of listening. They make the case that there is no unique approach for all target groups but that you need to figure out the social technographics profile of your consumers first – and then develop a tailored solution according to it. They provided an online tool that serves as a great starting point.

The book provides some great case studies that help with the magical questions:
How much will this cost us?
What is the exact benefit?

Yes you will still have to do your homework to sell your approach within your company or to your clients. But you have a   reference point to start with. In our days we are all in marketing (on both ends) and therefore the book applies to almost everyone online: bloggers, other content creators, critics etc…
We all have something at stake online. The book helps you to define your role and recognize your value.

I consider this a must read for companies that want to stay in business. Marketing agencies might want to get a few extra copies to give it to their clients.

Anyone who gives this book less than 4 stars on Amazon must be a direct competitor to Forrester or the authors. But then there are still some people out there waiting for Gas to drop to 99 cts a Gallon again…

The dsicussion is being continued at Charlene Li’s blog.

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