Dear former Twitter follower

I am sorry we met on the flakiest social networking platform out there. I usually don’t break up with people like that. I sent out at least an SMS;-)

But it appears that Twitter knows someting about you or me and decided that we are not a good match. Twitter actually thinks I don’t seem to be a good match to most people and therefore decided to play match breaker;-)

If you also consider me a dangerous threat to the Twittersphere why don’t you write them a letter and tell them what a good job they did.

If you feel that Twitter has done this on mistake you could:
1. Simply follow me again @klaus2go
2. Forward the link to this post: http://tinyurl.com/6ktop2
3. Do nothing and wait for the Twitter Gods to fix things
4. Follow me on Friendfeed and let Twitter sort out their mess

Twitter brought everything back to order. But I won’t delete that post. This way I have it handy the next time…

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