Dear former Twitter follower

I am sorry we met on the flakiest social networking platform out there. I usually don’t break up with people like that. I sent out at least an SMS;-)

But it appears that Twitter knows someting about you or me and decided that we are not a good match. Twitter actually thinks I don’t seem to be a good match to most people and therefore decided to play match breaker;-)

If you also consider me a dangerous threat to the Twittersphere why don’t you write them a letter and tell them what a good job they did.

If you feel that Twitter has done this on mistake you could:
1. Simply follow me again @klaus2go
2. Forward the link to this post:
3. Do nothing and wait for the Twitter Gods to fix things
4. Follow me on Friendfeed and let Twitter sort out their mess

Twitter brought everything back to order. But I won’t delete that post. This way I have it handy the next time…

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