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Last updated: 06/29/09

Everyone uses Twitter their own way. For me it is a great way to connect with many of you.

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In order for you to know what to expect, what I am posting about and whom I’ll follow I put my own little “Guide to Twitter” together:

1. Confidentiality
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you tell me something that is not meant for the public it will stay where it belongs.

2. Subject of postings
I post about what I am interested in and what captures my mind. I am passionate about a wide variety of things stretching from marketing and Internet trends to sports & politics. I am not posting about every leaf falling off the trees in my yard. You can learn more about my personal interests at the about section of the blog, at my personal blog or by clicking any of the icons of the top right of the blog.

I am not using 5 different accounts to serve 5 different purposes. Sometimes my postings might seem rather irrelevant to you. Just wait for the next one;-)

3. Conversations
I am trying to limit the number of postings per day to 10-15 max. If we get engaged into a longer conversation I will resort to DM, email, phone or Skype.

4. Me following you
I am always interested in connecting with new high quality Tweeters. If you know someone awesome then let me know via Twitter. I pick up people on Follow-Friday. If I follow you back then I checked out your postings on Twitter and possibly went to your website. There are a ton of awesome people on Twitter that I am not following yet. This person could be you ;-)

5. You following me
If you are of interest to me you’ll most probably get a follow back.   I check my new followers about once a week. So please be a little patient.

I look at the relevance, the quality and quantity of your tweets. I’ll also look at your profile and your website if you have one posted there. If you are overly agressive and follow 2000 people and have only 5 or 10 posts you will most likely not get a follow back.

6. Monitoring Twitter
Even though I follow Twitter on my Laptop and on my iPhone do not expect me on 24×7. There are other things to do in life. I read DM’s but won’t reply to any automated ones. If your DM is personal you’ll most probably get a reply.

If you send me a reply to @klaus2go I’ll read it for sure. In many cases I will reply – often as a direct message in order to keep my feed clean and not bother others with our direct conversation.

7. Protected Postings
I don’t like that feature too much. It is like a Twitter within Twitter to me. I won’t knock at your door. You’ll have to follow me first.

8. Uncopyright – You can copy this!
Many people like my Twitter policy. Please feel free to take what you like and leave the rest. A link back to my blog would be appreciated but is not a requirement.

9. Facebook Integration
Some of my tweets will appear in my Facebook profile as well, but not all of them. If I reply to someone on Twitter it doesn’t make to much sense to send that over to Facebook as well. You can find me on Facebook at facebook.com/klausholzapfel in case you prefer this channel over Twitter.

So if you either like this blog, are interested in moviebakery or conceptbakery, think my tweets are down your alley or you look at my homepage and see a likeminded person it would be nice if we hook up on Twitter. It is also TOTALLY ok to   respectfully decline if I reach out to you.

Quality should come before quantity. Both ways. Makes sense?

I am past the numbers game. You will most probably see my numbers of followers decline quite a bit over the next month or two. I am going against the stream and plan to clean up the list of people that I am following. This will lead to many of them unfollowing me and that is just fine.

Since Twitter changes all the time my policy will is subject to change as well…

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  • http://whyfacebook.com Mari Smith

    Hi Klaus!!

    Awesome to meet you at BlogWorld #BWE08.

    I ♥love♥ that you have your own written Twitter Policy! I’m always recommending to my clients and students to create a written Facebook friending policy.

    You rock!

    • http://zedomax.biz/blog max

      Holy shit that was a long reply but well formatted and I could clearly read you met this guy at BlogWorld, my 2 cents, ur….

  • Emily la Grange

    What a fab idea Klaus – my own policy is quite similar! And I see my friend Mari Smith also likes it! Thank you for connecting with me on twitter – you should have recieved a wee video DM from me to say "Hellooo"…
    Take care & tweet soon : )

  • http://www.mysinglemomlife.com Kat

    I *LOVE* that you have a Twitter policy! It is honest and straightforward, lets me know up front what I can expect from you, and that is totally refreshing.
    You followed me, and I *always* check out new followers, read their bios, so when I saw this link, I came to read it.
    Most excellent, and I'll be following you back.

    Would you mind if I followed you Twitter policy and tweaked it to suit me?
    I've honestly never seen anyone else do it, but I love it!
    Oh, I won't copy/tweak it unless I have your permission, thanks!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Klaus_Holzapfel Klaus_Holzapfel

    Hi Kat, thanks for your comment. Of course you have my full permission to use everything in my policy. I made it up myself – so noone can claim copyright infringement ;-)

  • http://sometimesithink-krissy.blogspot.com krissy knox

    Absolutely fantastic Twitter Policy. You said a lot of what I have wanted to say but haven't yet. What an excellent idea to post a Twitter Policy!

    krissy knox :)

  • http://www.myqute.com kelly

    Qool! I thought of making one weeks ago but NEVER got round to making one. Yours rocks! Thanks for sharing your video reels too!

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Klaus_Holzapfel Klaus_Holzapfel

      Thanks very much Kelly. I am glad I could be a little inspiring. But that post was just a bit of common sense. And that belongs to all of us.

      The videos are done by our producers which are amazing. They deserve all the credit and some of them will soon be featured in this blog.

      • http://www.myqute.com kelly

        You're too humble Klaus!

  • http://www.intensedebate.com/people/Klaus_Holzapfel Klaus_Holzapfel

    Based on a suggestion from Gib Wallis aka @briefepisode on Twitter I added how long I will follow someone else until will stop following them back.Thanks very much Gib for this insightful comment.

  • http://www.conceptbakery.com/blog/2008/07/24/my-twitter-policy/ kelly

    You inspired me! See what I wrote Klaus!

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  • http://www.JohnWren.com John

    Klaus, You were my inspiration for using Twitter and Facebook when you shared your startup story with us at the Denver IDEA Cafe. Thanks…I think. :) When can we lure you back? You followed me back, have you found my posts at all helpful? Any thing you'd suggest I change? Thanks! John http://www.JohnWren.com

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