Revised List of Tour De France Teams

+++Off topic posting+++

Sorry cycling fans but I had to publish a list of how the Tour de France teams should really be named. Their current team names are a bit misleading.

Here are my Top 10 in reverse order:

  • Balco VIPs
  • Eternal Youth Project
  • Secret Kettle
  • Liar Liar
  • Ben Johnson Brotherhood
  • Prozac Schmozac
  • Chemical Brothers
  • Bend It Like Armstrong
  • Asthma Survivors
  • Studio54

I promise my next posting will be a bit more “on the subject” again.

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  • http://www.electromute.com Ingrid Alongi

    Ok, can I have a legend for these? I know who Studio54 is, but what about the rest. These are awesome alternate names!

  • http://www.conceptbakery.com Klaus Holzapfel

    Balco is the lab that provided the goods to Marion Johnson and many other athletes. Ben Johnson is of course a former sprinter that got busted and the Chemical Brothers are a rock band. “Bend it like Armstrong” is derived from “Bend it like Beckham”. Liar Liar is another movie title. The other names just came right into my mind.

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