How to address concerns about the Olympics? Let’s just have our own games!

Our team in Germany has done an amazing job so far this week. We were totally late in the game but we had an idea to organize our own Olympics last weekend. We call them the Mobile Olympics or “Handyolympiade” in Germany. Too late? We are guerilla marketers – moving fast is what we do.

We started to approach potential sponsors on Tuesday and it looks we might be able to announce a title sponsor this week. Of course we aren’t looking to raise $866 million like our competiors;-)

But we are offering way more fun for everyone involved:
Of course the Mobile Olympics will be dealing with games including the use of mobile devices.

We are planning some Bike & Talk, SMS Challenges, and Mobile Athletics. The games will be completely uncensored and they won’t stink: The health of the athletes will be guaranteed – clean air for everyone!

We are ready to launch a website to promote and inform about the event. I wish I could show you the micro-site already but we need to keep the lid on until a title sponsor has signed on.

We are planning an offline event in Cologne, Germany later this month. The Obama party in Berlin was organized in 4 days and 200k people came. We’ll pull something memorable off as well.

Please Note:
This is an unfolding story. There is still a small chance that we don’t land the title sponsor we’d need. If that happens we know that we at least tried. Let us know if you’d like to be kept in the loop.

Do you know some fast movers?
If you know of anyone who’d be interested in co-sponsoring the Mobile Olympics then please have them contact us. We expect quite a bit of press coverage and it is a great way to present yourself to a local crowd in Germany – IF someone is able to do things last minute.

If anyone else is as crazy as we are and wants to do a local event here in the US then we might as well coordinate our efforts. We’d be happy to share our concept and we could provide a fully translated website with contact forms etc…within 24 hours. We are quick if we have to be;-)

Olympic spirit shall be available in small and larger bottles…

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