Our own games won’t happen this August, but…

We had an Idea last week to host our own (Olympic) games. After a week of discussion with our sponsors and our legal counsel we decided to reschedule the event. We wanted to do this in Germany and the legal situation in Germany is just too unclear and to many issues remained unsolved. Germany is a contender for the 2016 games and doesn’t want to mess with the IOC.

It would have put us into too much jeopardy to purse our original plans at this time. We are a pretty adventurous team and up for a lot of crazy stuff but we also have a company to run and wouldn’t want to spend the next year and half in court.

BUT: We found a ton of support for the idea and will move on with it at a later time. I’d like to thank everyone for their sympathy with our efforts. We will take our time and revise our concept. As a result we will come out even stronger.

You’ll hear more about this when we are ready to launch!

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