Blogworld Entrepreneur & Executive conference – what a great place to be at

Blogworld Expo 2008Imagine a conference center that usually holds 100k + visitors – filled with nothing else but ~ 300 bloggers – many of them leading thinkers and influencers. That’s what #1 of the Blogworld Expo 2008 looked like.

Of course bloggers are interested in growing their “tribe” or following and so a lot of the talk was about marketing (yourselves). I think I’ve hear the word “Twitter” more often than ever before in one day. It has simply been revolutionizing how everyone in the blogosphere operates. Guy Kawasaki asked the question how many people in the room would pay $5 a month for Twitter and every hand hand went up. He even stated that he’d pay $500 a month for it. I’ imagine that model would leave him with fewer followers.

The other words I heard a lot were “YOU MUST” or at least “you should” as well as “don’t”. This is simply due to the fact that all of the speakers are very passionate about what they are doing and have pretty strong beliefs based on their own and others success stories. After all we are living in a time where measuring online success is fairly easy.

If you understand the ABC of online marketing you will not have learned anything revolutionary new – that would have been different if Twitter would have been launched a week ago.

But I was able to get some face to face time with some of the influencers that are usually hard to reach due to the nature of their inboxes and busy schedules. The one guy I didn’t see in the crowd was Perez Hilton. But this isn’t exactly his kind of celebrity event. Even though many of the attendees are way nicer and more important than the people he gossips about.

If you would have seen Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote speech you would have seen a possible future standup comedy star. He is that funny. But he is also a very dedicated hard worker. He stated that he is working 17 hours a day to stay on top of his game. He asked the crowd who else is doing so and Chris Brogan’s arm went up. Go figure.

One other person that stood out yesterday was Don Crowther from 101 Public Relations and Stompernet. He was cramming a 3 hour presentation loaded with useful tips into 75 minutes JFK style. If you don’t have a lot of time and want someone to lay web 2.0 out for you fast, then buy some of his time. He will cut through the chase right away.

I think Rick Calvert, Dave Taylor and the rest of the Blogworld Team have done a great job in putting this event together and we’ll see this event growing quite a bit over the years.

A final thought on Twitter:
Many people ask themselves the question how much of your live you want to reveal online. I believe it was Shaun Daily from Blogtalkradio who stated: “You can’t hide and be credible at the same time.” I think this applies to all of us – as individuals and as businesses. Well spoken, sir!

Getting ready for a larger crowd and an even busier day today…


One more thing to aware of at Blogworld is that pretty much everyone at the conference is a public speaker – even if they are not part of the 2008 speaker roaster. Sounds trivial? What if both the people sitting next to you have 10k + followers on Twitter and start talking about your body odor? ;-)

Just wash up really well before you go.

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