Well spoken Tim O’Reilly

I like when people get it right. So did Tim O’Reilly at the WEB 2.0 EXPO BERLIN today (surprise, surprise;-)

He stated that all the web-clones are unnecessary – How many Twitter copies do we have now? He also told everyone to stop looking for the quick buck – these days are over. “Ignore the wealth of the Mark Zuckerbergs and do something meaningful”.

Technology and brainpower  should be used to attack the big problems of our days: Hunger, climate change, environmental destruction, corruption, unfairness.

Note: These were not his exact words since I read the news in German and couldn’t find the original speech.

It feels good to be in line with what he said. We are in the midst of a huge cause marketing initiative. You can follow the developing story over the blog of the South Africa Project. I also believe that our web video production moviebakery is unique enough to justify its existing. We didn’t clone anybody – we actually developed the idea and the platform ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see less of the same and more originality and not everyone looking for the quick buck but actually trying to make a difference. Maybe I am delusional but this is something I’d like to see and I believe in. Future will tell who’s right.

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  2. By Dave Taylor on Oct 24, 2008 | Reply

    I’m not so sure that I agree. Innovation comes from doing what others are doing, but doing it better or differently or being more nimble. Tim didn’t invent book publishing with O’Reilly Media, for example, he just took a slightly different spin than the other computer book publishers at the time.

    The speed of innovation is directly related to the dynamic nature of the community, and while I agree completely that it’d be nice to see people put more effort into addressing the big issues of our time, not doing mindless clones, I’m not sure that most of what we see *are* mindless clones…

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