conceptbakery 2008 recap and 2009 outlook

1. What did we miss?
We are not pretending to be perfect superstars but always look at our shortcomings as well (Yes, we do have them). Therefore let’s start with what didn’t work out too well:

2008 was a year of mixed results for us. On the one hand we were invited to pitch to many major companies. Our pitches were very well received. But our ideas were often too revolutionary for our potential clients. But we didn’t push too hard or to told the clients beforehand what to expect. Many of them were simply not ready yet for what we have to offer.

One example was a client that asked us about online marketing opportunities. Unfortunately their marketing team as peppered with TV advertising specialists. They did like our ideas but still went the traditional route know to them.

Our pitches are not off-the-shelf but tailored to each client‘s needs and profile. We clearly missed on some opportunities to better leverage these great connections.

2. The upside of 2008
2008 was also a great year for us in many ways: Our existing clients came back for more business.

The one project that really stood out was a social marketing campaign we are running for the German TÃœV Rheinland. They are somewhat comparable the DMV in the US.

Usually you’d expect a government organization to be on the conservative site. Not so the TÃœV: We created a campaign named “lower my ride” (“leg mich tiefer”)

It reaches out to the car tuning community and spans from Twitter, to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. It also results in constant fresh content on the TÃœV website and great feedback across the board. The press, the car fans, the bloggers all acknowledged the work we did. Best of all: It really is a lot of fun and a great pleasure to work with this client.

Of course this is a major showcase for social media in Germany. This leads us to 2009.

3. Why are we looking forward to 2009?

Many agencies we know have great creative teams but lack the technical expertise. I.e. how to put a social media project together. Other agencies have a strong technical background but are not exactly outstanding on the creative end.

We feel that we have both angles covered pretty well: Providing plenty of creativity plus the know-how to put them into reality.

A provider of cost effective solutions that help to save big $$$ compared to traditional media will have plenty of opportunities in the times ahead.

Besides social media being a huge market area we also believe in cause marketing as a big trend in the times to come. It is also a big passion of ours.

Bottom line
Going against the stream is a well-known concept for us. We are looking to expand next year and will be happy to hear from you ;-)

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