You really don’t need my new years resolutions

The holidays are over ...
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I won’t spill my new years resolutions over you but I’ll share this much with you:

I was (and am) very passionate about our political and economical debate. Due to a lack of self discipline that spilled over into this blog. That will stop in 2009 and I will stay closer to the roots and the purpose of this blog – to inform you about current developments in my core fields of expertise: Non-traditional marketing, trends to reach out to a target audience, web video developments including production and distribution.

Please note that I am refusing to label myself as a “social marketing guru” or “viral god, prince or king”.

Wikipedia defines a guru as a person who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others.

I consider most of social media trends as common knowledge. So there are no real gurus in this field – just some guys who are able to think ahead and are willing to share their success stories. Isn’t that what each of us should be doing with their fields of expertise?

You might wonder if I caught the writers lock syndrome in the last couple of months.
The truth is that my arms have been bugging me for quite some time now and that writing is painful.

The benefit of this is, that I’ll have to stay more brief. That is challenging at times but it will take less than your time and that’s something I’ll feel good about.

I could some other excuses like our business taking a lot of time but they all sound lame to me. If anything I should rather have more to write about.

I hope all of you find many meaningful things to write about – keep it brief, stay on subject and I’ll read it;-)

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  • http://prosperstudentcare.wordpress.com/ Devin Willis

    Great post! I look forward to your tweets!
    Devin Willis

  • http://www.klausholzapfel.com Klaus_Holzapfel

    Thanks Devin. I wish I could write more but my plate is pretty full. It is a catch 22: If you have a lot of work you also have a lot to write about. But then you have less time for work;-)

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