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July 12th, 2009 | by Klaus Holzapfel |

Facebook Fan Page Box
The Facebook Fan Box Widget was released just in time. So we added it to our homepage.

We are using the power of Fan Pages for our clients but I have to admit that we neglected our conceptbakery Facebook Page. Going forward we decided to put more emphasis on our Fan Page and use it as an information hub for marketing strategies, viral and social web trends and other news in our work areas.


The timing of the Facebook Fan Page widget was perfect for our update. It is a strong tool for anyone interested in a dual online presence. Our conceptbakery site focuses on our services – our Facebook Fan Page goes way beyond. Having a seamless integration of both platforms is definitely a big plus and we expect our approach to be adopted by many others in the near future.

I can promise that we will not use it as a loudspeaker to simply promote conceptbakery.

How do you add the Fan Box Widget to your site?
You can find instructions on how to add the Widget directly on your own Facebook Fan Page. Simply click on “Add Fan Box to your site” in the upper left column. More detailed instructions can be found in the blog of

We deviated from that path and came up with our own solution and embedded the widget into a mediabox pop-over. We had three main reasons for this:

  1. The widget colors can’t be customized and don’t fit into our own style guide.
  2. The widget needs at least 200 pixels in width. In order to work well it needs 300 pixels or more. We didn’t want to make major layout changes just for that reason.
  3. We wanted to give the widget maximum presence since it is a new tool and we are rebranding our Facebook Fan Page. We will most probably disable the auto loader again once the widget hype has cooled off a bit.

Embedding Blog RSS, Twitter Feed and Slideshare
We added a third column to our website to gain some additional real estate. We made sure the feeds would fit seamlessly into our site and did some custom XML feed formatting.

The blog and Twitter feeds are being pulled automatically. Currently we still add our slideshow presentations manually – we have some good ones coming soon ;-)


Of course we also revised our content a little bit. This is an ongoing process though. Even our static pages are really not that static.

Bottom line
Many agencies face a similar dillema: They create awesome client sites and at the same time neglect their own online presence due to time constraints. The daily business simply has to come first. We try to stay up to date with but adding some of this functionality was certainly overdue ;-)

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