This week’s video treats: Parody, mishaps and some brilliance

Web videos are interesting from the marketer’s perspective for a number of reasons. What makes people laugh? What style do most popular videos have? What SEO techniques are being used to market videos? Needless to say, the web video niche is a  dynamic one. New opportunities arise almost daily.

Since we produce our own videos via our moviebakery platform, we like to see what else is going on in the web-video world– we need stay on top of current trends, after all.

In light of this, we’re going to start  a running column in our blog in which we’ll  share some of the videos that made us laugh or otherwise stuck out in our minds. Obviously, we know that videos are huge time-suckers, both for you and for us. That said, we’re going to do you (and, honestly, ourselves) a huge favor by focusing primarily on shorter clips. Also, if we find interesting statistics or trends that don’t warrant a separate blog post we’ll throw them into this regular column.

Clearly, we’re not here to give you comprehensive coverage. We are here, however,  to fill you in on clips that we think could be relevant to you.

So, where do we usually find videos?   YouTube is an obvious destination , but some of our other favorites include bitly.tv, comedy.com, collegehumor.com and funnyordie.com. Perhaps most importantly, we pay a lot of attention to what our friends, fans, and followers are sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

[youtube ZGwYrZLvvJU]

This parody from comedy.com shows Google’s presumed   take on both Google Buzz and the new social media platform’s competitors. Take the best and leave the rest.

[youtube o5ul7prwoiM]

Hmmm… gotta love the times that people go to the bathroom to “refresh” themselves. The “Swedish self cleaning toilet” is not only a hysterical take on what can go wrong, but a unique way to promote a new product.

[youtube dL9mlqbG5CU]

You thought curling was lame and boring? Check out Hammerfall vs. The Swedish Women’s Olympic Curling Team. It might change your perspective on the sport. Time to get your brooms out and practice in your driveway.

[youtube e4AlDQT5sM8]

There is a certain risk involved in asking your spouse to marry you in front of 20,000 people. Although this particular clip was later confirmed to be a Valentine’s Day hoax. Whatever, though. It’s still pretty educational.

[youtube 1IY2zT161ws]

Did you hear about the Australian banker that was caught on TV watching nude pictures of a model? Take a look to the left of the TV reporter. In case you were wondering, the banker got to keep his job; Australia seems to be a fairly forgiving place. You’re pretty much safe if  you haven’t openly hit on you’re boss’s wife and consumed under 5 gallons of beer on any given day. Saudi Arabia might be a different story, though.

[youtube VS1tRoCAr-Q]

I am breaking one of our rules mentioned above here and add an eight minute video to this post.

The first 2 1/2 minutes are the best part of the video. Venezuelan master conductor Gustavo Dudamel with the Orquesta Juventud Venezolana Simon Bolivar at a concert in Tokyo.

If you are interested in music of any kind you might want to take a look at this. Why is this viral? Because it triggered me to recommend it to you.   Others will do the same within their network.   I am part of the big clockwork just as well as you are.


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