Seventh Generation pushing the cause marketing envelope

At conceptbakery, we’re always looking out for great new cause marketing case studies. Recently, we’ve been quite taken with Seventh Generation’s Million Baby Crawl, an initiative that ultimately hopes to tighten government regulations on the chemical content in common household products.

[youtube a7b67Ul0YP0]

Specifically, the cause cites mounting scientific evidence that highlights the widespread exposure to chemicals that can cause serious and adverse impacts on human health, particularly children. It aims to update the federal legislation  that has regulates health-harming chemicals as of  1976.    Since then, the EPA has required safety testing on only 200 of the more than 80,000 chemicals in today’s market. To learn more about the specific adjustments that Seventh Generation and its partners want to implement, go here.

We think it’s a pretty cool interpretation of how a company should approach cause marketing. The Million Baby Crawl champions a relevant mandate in perfect harmony with Seventh Generation’s company mission; to manufacture and distribute greener, safer, and less toxic household products. Beyond this, the campaign has truly embraced the social media revolution’s potential in the marketing world. The Million Baby Crawl has made extensive use of  today’s available social media venues. Along with maintaining both a growing Facebook fan page and Twitter feed, the initiative’s attached microsite takes a creative approach to interactive web presence. There, site visitors have various options through which they can become involved:

  • Anyone can create  his or her own crawler, name it, and add a “soapbox speech” that illustrates why s/he is promoting the cause; the baby avatar will then ‘join’ the animated crawl
  • Interested parties can search for a nearby crawler and choose to become its supporter
  • People can  conveniently  invite their friends and family to join the crawl– they can spread the word through such digital platforms as  use  Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Viewers who want to learn more after visiting the crawls’s YouTube channel can easily redirect themselves to the official website
  • Currently there are over 24k crawlers and supporters.

Awesome work, right?

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