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March 18th, 2010 | by Klaus Holzapfel |

Delta CarbonaDelta Carbona, L.P. is the oldest manufacturer of stain removal products in America. Their “Stain Devils” are unique since there are 9 different products for separate groups of stains, in addition to other household cleaning solutions. Since they are a client of ours, we got to try their products and the Stain Devils really impressed us. Yet the brand had zero social media presence.

The challenge: Creating a meaningful entry into the social media sphere

StainTalk - Cleaning Heroes UnitedOption number one would have been to launch a program under the name Carbona or Stain Devils. This would have been either brand or product centric and we felt limited in the range of conversation topics we could initiate or participate in.
Therefore we opted to move the brand name in the background and create a presence under the name StainTalk- Cleaning Heores United.

To launch StainTalk, we used the opportunities of multiple social networks to harness the existing conversation Carbona has with its clients. The project spans from a microsite to a Facebook fan page to a Twitter channel.

Our involvement

We manage the program on behalf of Carbona and try to provide relevant content every day. Interested visitors are invited to pose questions, exchange tips and tricks, and just have fun exploring the lighter side of creating and removing stains.

StainTalk allows conceptbakery to utilize many of our core strengths. Our community managers are learning the ins and outs of stain cleaning and engage within the community. Our content creation abilities come into play as well as our video production and graphic work.

It was our goal to structure a program that provides a healthy balance of relevance between both the Carbona brand and the people talking about products and solutions related to Carbona’s range of products.

StainTalk is stretching from point of sale activities to online and mobile environments and will use several word-of-mouth specials to further increase community engagement.

In addition to overseeing the StainTalk project, conceptbakery has instituted the social initiative “Carbona Cares”  to manage Carbona’s philanthropic efforts. Carbona made an initial contribution of $10,000 to a rape prevention and gender equality project managed by Ubuntu Now. The program will sponsor community workers in South Africa, and they will update regularly using small portable cameras in order to make the project more tangible for South Africa Project supporters in the US.

Here are some screenshots that illustrate the presence of StainTalk in its infant stage.

1. StainTalk Microsite

Staintalk - Cleaning Heroes United

2. StainTalk Facebook fan page

StainTalk Facebook fan page

3. StainTalk Twitter channel

StainTalk - Cleaning Heroes United - Twitter channel

4.  StainTalk Flickr Galleries

StainTalk - Cleaning Heroes United - Flickr Galleries

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