Collection of random social media stats

Here is a set of random numbers that we collected over the last couple of weeks. You might have seen some of them but our memory can use a little “refreshing” once in a while.

Twitter Stats

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As of February 2010 50% of all Twitter messages are in English

Source: Semiocast

Heavy users on Twitter in the UK account for 7% of the user base and 79% of all Tweets (as of January 2010). Heavy users are those spending at least 60 minutes a month on Twitter.

  • 26% of the medium users account for 18% of the Tweets.
  • 67% of the casual users (≥5 min/ month) account for only 4% of all Tweets.
  • 52% of all Facebook users in the UK account for 98% of the activitiy on the network.
  • 9% of all Facebook users spent over 20 hours per month on Facebook.

Source: Nielsen

  • Only 21% of all Twitter users have at least 10 followers, follow 10 at least people and have tweeted at least 10 times.
  • 51% of all users follow fewer than 5 people.
  • 34% of all users have not tweeted once.

Source: Barracuda Labs

  • In 2007, approximately 5,000 tweets were sent per day. In 2008, that number increased to 300,000. In 2009, users sent out a total of 2.5 million tweets per day.
  • Last year, tweets increased by 1,400% to 35 million per day.
  • As of Feburary 2010, Twitter users sent out more than 50 million tweets per day.

That is about 2 1/2 tweets per user per day or 600 tweets per second. Take out the huge number of inactive users and the number of tweets per day (by active users) would be significantly higher.

Source: Twitter

Value of Facebook, Twitter…

Sharepost compared the value of some popular privately held companies.

  • Facebook: $11.5 billion
  • Zynga (creator of Farmville): $2.61 billion
  • Twitter: $1.44 billion
  • LinkedIn: $1.3 billion
  • Tesla Motors (electric cars): 1.28 billion – The company has never turned a profit in 6 years of its existence.
  • Linden Labs (creator of Second Life): $383 million

Sharespost is a trading place for trading shares in these companies. It calculates the average value for each company based on a number of factors: 1) its most recent transaction price on the platform, 2) the midpoint level between the latest bid and offer prices 3) valuation estimates from research reports, and  4) any venture financing in the past six months. Transactions and reports from more than 120 days ago are omitted from the calculation.
Source: SharesPost via Businesweek.com


Chatroulette grew from 109,000 unique visitors in January 2010 to 960,000 in Feburary 2010. The largest user group are 18-24 year old males followed by 18-24 year old females. The number of males is more than twice as high a the number of female users.

Source: Andrew Lipman


This March, in the wake of SXSW, Foursquare announced a new record of 347,000 Checkins. They also added 100k users over the 10 days around the event. The user base is now believed to be somewhere above 600k users.

Source: Mashable


Yelp says that it had more than 26 million unique visitors in December 2009, while we recently reported that the site now features more than 9 million total user reviews.

  • Total % of 5-Star ratings: 32%
  • Total % of 4-Star ratings: 35%
  • Total % of 3-Star ratings: 18%
  • Total % of 2-Star ratings: 8%
  • Total % of 1-Star ratings: 7%

Source: Yelp


24 hours of video is now uploaded on YouTube every minute. That number went up by 50% over the last 24 months.

Source: YouTube

Social Gaming

  • The average social gamer (Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc.) is a 43-year-old woman.
  • 55% of them are female. Facebook is the #1 destination for social games. 83% of all gamers are active there.
  • Social game revenues are expected to exceed USD 1 billion this year.

Sources: PopCap & Royal Pingdom


The Apple iTunes Store opened in April 2003 with 200,000 items to purchase. Today, the store sells 11,000,000 songs– this does not include its stock of movies and television programming. In February 2010, Apple broke the 10 billion song barrier.

Source: Wikipedia & Mashable

In January 2010,  Apple‘s App store exceeded 3 billion downloads– just 18 months after its opening.

Source: New York Times

Mobile apps

By 2012, the market for mobile applications is estimated to be $ 17.5 billion

Source: Physorg


56% of all Wi-Fi connections are from mobile devices, not laptops or notebooks. 14 % of the surveyed state that a mobile device is the primary means to connect to public Wi-Fi.

Source: JiWire

Note: These numbers are for the US. The use of mobile devices for web access is even more widespread in other countries, especially on the African continent.

General social media

Globally, the time spent on social networking sites increased 82% from December 2008 to December 2009 to a new total of 5 1/2 hours per month.

Source: Nielsen

The most commonly asked questions on social networks are for recommendations (29%), opinions (22%) and factual knowledge (17%).

Source: MIT & Microsoft Research

  • 8% of U.S. companies say they‘ve fired an employee for unacceptable social media activity. That number went up 50% within a year.
  • 17 percent report having issues with employee‘s use of social media.

Source: Proofpoint / Marketwire.com

  • 79% of the 100 largest Fortune 500 companies use Blogs, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube as communication tools.
  • Twitter is the most popular platform for this group. 79% have at least one Twitter account, 54% have a Facebook fan page, 50% are using YouTube and only 33% have at least one blog.
  • The most popular languages on Twitter besides English are Japanese (14%), Portuguese (9%), Malay (6%) and Spanish (4%).

Source: Burson-Marsteller

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