Video Treats: iPads, iPhone, school play and a song without words

You wonder how responsive the touch screen of the iPad is? Take a look at Yoshitoshi Abw doing some mange scribbling with it. Try that at home and send us your masterpiece ;)

[youtube pp8h97oCrX4]

You might have seen the Fuehrer’s take on Twitter and Friendfeed. In this parody he puts his eyes on the iPad. It was released in January but has gained some new popularity with the launch of the iPad. This video might be banned by the time you read this. Constantin Film, the producers of Downfall, are claiming copyright violations.

[vimeo 10694028]

Only 45% of the total iPhone use are phone conversations. We know it is good for many other things. Here is a track done by a Chinese artist using iPhone music apps only.

[youtube a-jhElp6WJs]

This video of an apparent elementary school production of the classic gangster flick, Scarface, became an explosive viral hit– gaining over 3 million views on YouTube. Upon its rise in popularity though, there developed speculation as to whether or not the video was genuine. As it turns out, the clip was orchestrated by Marc Klasfeld, director of Lady Gaga’s music video for ‘Pokerface’.

[youtube uovMpapeCJQ]

Trololo, a video from the seventies features Eduard Khil, a Russian baritone that was fairly popular back then. His facial expressions and his suit are two elements that make the video stick out. Most of all the entire song is without words. The Soviet Union censors deemed the lyrics, which detail the story of a cowboy working his land while his wife stays home knitting socks, as too American. Eduard Khil is now 75 years old and his fans are motioning for him doing a world tour. By now Trololo has over 6 million views on YouTube and parody videos pop up faster than mushrooms. Don’t watch it late at night since the song might stick in your head.

[youtube oavMtUWDBTM]

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