Video treats: Fun, advocacy and trumping Whitney Houston

Here’s your latest web video treats; an a la carte selection of business cards, songs, Starbucks and dancing

Master of Business Card Throwing

[youtube FVq0HdiM-Ok]

We at conceptbakery enjoy networking. But what do you do with that collection of business cards you know you’ll never need? How about using them for target practice? As this ‘Master’ shows, the opportunities are endless: pop a balloon, slice an apple, toss up 3 stories into a building and onto a desk, etc. It can be a new form of exercise at the office. Excess business cards have never been so recreational.

Boy Singing Whitney Houston

[youtube _7NNr_qrmDA]

Since Whitney Houston isn’t really pulling it off any longer, young Taiwanese boy Lin Yu Chun steps to the plate. The winner of singing competition Super Star Avenue receives $1 million and a chance to release his/her album. Looks pretty genuine, right? (Note: He is misidentified as Chinese).

One person can save trees, together we can save forests.

[youtube 5xJX2ZgdlyM]

For Earth Day this year, Starbucks offered free coffee to customers that brought in reusable coffee containers. The initiative was part of Starbucks’ “The Big Picture” campaign, which is continuing to urge supporters to join in their goal of achieving 100% of cups being reusable or recyclable by 2015. To sign the petition, go here.

Jill/Kevin Wedding Entrance Dance

[youtube 4-94JhLEiN0]

Done to Chris Brown’s “Forever”, this was a viral sensation (48 million views) long before the singer himself became more known for his physical abuse of girlfriend Rihanna. The video merits a fresh mention due to the subsequent actions of the newlyweds, who have since directed attention to the Sheila Wellstone Institute for violence prevention and prevention advocacy. As of 4/5/10, 1,251 donors have donated $32,339.

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